Ground penetrating radar LOZA-V


GPR LOZA-V ( 50 - 400 MHz) is a midrange pulse electromagnetic geoprobe, allowing to explore the soil at a depths of 0 to 50 meters(more than 50 m, with optional 50 MHz antennas used), depending on the geoprobe model, antenna used and medium parameters. 

With geoprobe of Loza series is possible to study the geological structure of the soil, identify anomalous zones of moisture, land subsidence, etc. The device is usable for solving geological projects for road building, engineering geology, archeology and monitoring of deep-mined routes of horizontal and inclined drilling.

A characteristic feature of LOZA-V compared with known world analogs is a high energy potential allowing to probe highly conductive soils, such as wet clay, inaccessible for standard GPR. 



Basic technical parameters of geoprobe LOZA-V
Frequency band 50-400 MHz
Time resolution 1,2,4 ns
Repetition rate  1000 Hz
Energy potential 120 dB
Registration range 256,512,1024,2048 ns
Temperature range   -20 to +50 °C



LOZA-V performance for some grounds at 100 MHz.

medium dielectric permitivity (ε) operating depth (m) depth resolution (m)
dry sand 2.6 50 0.1
wet sand 25 25 0.03
dry clay 2.4 15 0.1
wet clay 15 6 0.07







Delivery set (components)


autonomous transmitter 5kV (1MW)

autonomous pulse formation unit, battery unit 1.2 A-hour, 

carriage bag and recharge unit included




registration unit, power supplied from control unit, 

carriage bag included



control unit

control and indication unit with monochrome LCD display, (displays real time waveform and measured data), dimension with 3.2 A-hour battery 260*150*160mm,

carriage bag and recharge unit included




adjustable holding bars with handle, for use with 30,50,100,150cm antennas



software Krot

software for processing of measured data in english language

(Windows XP - Windows 8 is supported)



antennas 30cm

400 Mhz antennas, for use with holder



antennas 50cm

300 Mhz antennas, for use with holder



antennas 100cm

200 Mhz antennas, for use with holder



antennas 150cm

100 Mhz antennas, for use with holder



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